Top Commands Your Dog Should Know

Top Commands Your Dog Should Know

dog training collarsAll dogs should be taught about the basic commands. Dogs are loyal and friendly, but a trained dog is more pleasant to live with. You can have a comfortable life with your dog provided you teach them these commands correctly. When training your dog, always use positive reinforcement to instill good behaviors. Go for what motivates your dog such as affection and food. The top commands your dog should know include:


You need to teach your dog on how to sit until you free them. To start with, hold a treat in your hand raised over the dogs head. Then gently move the gift back on your dogs head. Such a simple command will make your dog sit.


dog training tipsHold your dogs treat and place it on his nose. Then push the treat gently straight to the floor. The dog should move with your hand and naturally drop the rest on its belly. Now release the gift and praise the dog.


This command will enable hold your dog’s position until when released.


Its primary aim is to save your dog from impending danger.